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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Problem send large trunk of data over upgraded conne

From: Nguyen Xuan Viet
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Problem send large trunk of data over upgraded connection with epoll and https enabled
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 17:18:13 +0700
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Dear Christian,

Thanks for your quick fix and your explanation!
I tested the latest code on Git master and I see my problem is gone.
I'm waiting for next release to integrate it with my work.

Best regards,

On 9/28/20 3:37 AM, Christian Grothoff wrote:
Dear Viet,

I've now managed to fix the issue in Git master.

Basically, we incorrectly decided that the read-buffer had been drained
when gnutls_record_recv() returned a partial read. However, gnutls may
return a partial read even if the read buffer has not been drained.

Because we use edge polling, we must drain the buffer, which is only the
case if gnutls_record_recv() returns 0.  I've fixed this and a few
possibly related corner issues (with gnutls_record_uncork) in Git master.

Happy hacking!


On 9/18/20 5:26 AM, Nguyen Xuan Viet wrote:
Dear Christian,

I'm sorry but this bug still happen on latest version of this library.
The "test_upgrade_large_tls" still hangs with very large data send over
the upgraded connection.
We can reproduce this issue by increase "LARGE_STRING" and/or
"LARGE_REPLY_STRING" size to a huge string, for example duplicate
current "Hello..." string to 41 lines or more.

This issue only happens with EPOLL + HTTPS, for other cases, it works
Could you please check this issue for me?


On 7/30/19 11:00 PM, Việt Nguyễn Xuân wrote:
Dear Christian,

Thanks for your reply.
I'm very happy to hear your information. I will continue to work with your 
latest source in the future.

Best regards,
On 30/07/2019 01:04, Christian Grothoff wrote:
Dear Viet,

Thanks for the additional details.  With your report, I was able to
reproduce the issue (test_upgrade_large.c added) and fix it in

Happy hacking!


On 6/24/19 7:16 PM, Việt Nguyễn Xuân wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry, I cannot reply your email, so I reply it here.
I'm sorry, for the moment I cannot provide the code for you. But you can
reproduce the issue by modify the src/microhttpd/test_upgrade.c, set the
connection memory limit to a very low value, for example 512, this
change should be made for HTTPS section. In the function "run_usock" and
"run_usock_client", please replace the test string "Hello World" by a
real larger string with length about 160 - 170 bytes. After that do a
make check and you will see the test_upgrade_tls test hang forever.

Best regards,

*From:* Việt Nguyễn Xuân
*Sent:* Sunday, June 23, 2019 11:28 AM
*Subject:* [libmicrohttpd]Problem send large trunk of data over upgraded
connection with epoll and https enabled
Hi All,

I'm using libmicrohttpd to implement a WebSocket server based on HTTP
Upgrade connection.
I'm using latest git revision of this library for my work.
Everything works well for small message passes over upgraded connection,
I tested with Chrome and Firefox browsers and they are all Ok.
But I have a trouble when sending large trunk of message to the server,
if the size of message is larger than 1/3 connection buffer size, it's
very often that this message will be queued for next send or is not sent
at all. For smaller messages, they will be sent and received immediately.

This issue  only happens when I enable HTTPs combine with EPOLL internal
thread, for other combination it seems that this issue does not happen.
For example I can send large message normally with HTTPS + POLL internal
thread or with HTTP + EPOLL internal thread.

Could you please check this issue for me?
Thanks a lot.


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