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Re: Bundling gnulib

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: Bundling gnulib
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 16:17:02 +0200

You wrote:

> No.
> I found that I've asked a silly question....Fedora allows gnulib
> bundling....

Good!  I suppose external libraries could be used for some code, but it
hasn't been my main priority.

> PS, I also found that NTLM only v1 is supported, and you said you
> ddidn't have funds to develop V2 protocol compatible version?

That is right.  I actually have rewritten the current libntlm in a
better coding style (the current code is not written in a good style),
and my plans were to add NTLMv2 to that code.  However, I haven't
gotten around to it.

What I'm lacking the most is actually a way to test my implementation.
Does anyone know how to test NTLMv2 against preferrably some Microsoft
implementation, so that I can see that it does the right thing?

Meanwhile, I should backport my rewrite of libntlm properly.  My
rewrite can be found as libntlm2 on gitorious (which currently seems


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