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Re: [Libqtlua-list] Can not run qtlua

From: Alexandre Becoulet
Subject: Re: [Libqtlua-list] Can not run qtlua
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 11:55:29 +0100
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On Monday 01 February 2010 10:02:39 you wrote:


> lua version 5.1.4
> Tinycore Linux (
> gcc 4.2.2

Thanks for the detailed report.
I use lua 5.1.4 too.

> Most of the examples under cpp works, however one of the programs in
> the mvc directory, tabletreeview, exposed the "PANIC" problem while
> the other mvc examples seemed to work without problem.
> Commenting line 47 in removed the "PANIC" problem, however
> the follow problems occur:
>    Running qtlua without arguments pops up a window with an
> intercative lua "shell". After typing arbitrary text in the followed
> by return, the application terminates with the following message:
>   "terminate called after throwing an instance of 'QtLua::String'
>    Aborted"

As you may have noticed the whole qtlua main function code is enclosed in 
try/catch construct. They should be no way for the QtLua::String exception to 

QtLua heavily use C++ exception mechanism to handle lua errors and report 
errors to lua. Lua internally use longjmp/setjmp functions to report errors.

I guess you have a problem with C++ exceptions not working properly on your 
system. This may be due to compiler configuration or exceptions not crossing 
shared library boundaries, which is a common issue.


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