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[Libreboot] Total success with 20160902 on T400

From: Bruno Dantas
Subject: [Libreboot] Total success with 20160902 on T400
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2016 20:33:23 -0400
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I flashed the latest release on my T400 today and am happy to report that, as 
far as I can tell, absolutely everything works--clock, wifi, video (grub and 
gnu/linux), even resume from suspend (I'm running linux 4.5).

The two benign/cosmetic errors during boot can be silenced by using these 
kernel boot parameters (e.g., by adding it to /etc/default/grub): "quiet 
intremap=off loglevel=3".

A big thank you to all you tireless, talented developers. Libreboot was the 
missing piece.

GNU + Linux + Libreboot forever <3

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