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[Libreboot] Lastest Libreboot versions not for my X60 ( Parabola )

From: Olivier Mondoloni
Subject: [Libreboot] Lastest Libreboot versions not for my X60 ( Parabola )
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 15:04:55 +0200
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    I own a notebook with Libreboot formerly known as Gluglug X60s .
    I tested all the lastest libreboot versions ( 20160907, 20160902,
    20160818 ) without success .

    Each test show the grub splash screen with all the menus entries .
    After the boot process launch, I have been stuck to the grub splash
    screen with the hard drive led always on .

Hopefully, I could revert back to the 20150518 version with a Parabola
    GNU/Linux LiveCD especially produced for this purpose ( added french
    language support ,libftdi, make, etc ... ) .

After contacting Leah Rowe, it seems that lastest libreboot versions works on Trisquel . Is there any problems with the grub X60 version on Parabola GNU/Linux system ?

For information, I have installed a Parabola GNU/Linux system with the lastest lts kernel version 4.4.20 and I use a MATE Desktop DE .

Thank you in advance for your quick response .

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