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Re: [Libreboot] Lastest Libreboot versions not for my X60 ( Parabola )

From: Olivier Mondoloni
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Lastest Libreboot versions not for my X60 ( Parabola )
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 17:16:44 +0200
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I think I find the solution .

I studied the grub.cfg of my rom ( lastest version of course ):

cbfstool x60_frazerty_vesafb.rom -n grub.cfg -f grub.cfg

I installed the grub package ( as root ): pacman -S grub

and I generate the libreboot_grub.cfg file with the following instruction ( as root ):

mkdir -p /boot/grub
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/libreboot_grub.cfg

After I flashed the lastest version of Libreboot .
I turn off my computer for a few minutes .

Now my problem is fixed and I can enjoy using my notebook with the lastest version of Libreboot .

Thank you for your support

Le 16.09.2016 10:07, Olivier Mondoloni a écrit :
Hi Luke,

in fact, when I installed Parabola, I keep the Trisquel partitionning
scheme so /boot is on /dev/sda1 .
My partition is not an lvm or an encrypted one .
To boot on Parabola, I use the default GRUB entry ( the first of the menu ) .
I think about tests that I could make because I have on / soft links
to vmlinuz and initrd.img .
I continue to investigate .

Thank you for your help

Le 16.09.2016 06:09, Luke Shumaker a écrit :
On Wed, 14 Sep 2016 09:04:55 -0400,
Olivier Mondoloni wrote:

    I own a notebook with Libreboot formerly known as Gluglug X60s .
    I tested all the lastest libreboot versions ( 20160907, 20160902,
    20160818 ) without success .

I recently upgraded my Parabola-running x60s to 20160902 (the release
announcement suggests that there is no difference between it and
20160907 on the x60s).

Each test show the grub splash screen with all the menus entries . After the boot process launch, I have been stuck to the grub splash
    screen with the hard drive led always on .

Trying the default grub.cfg, it seemed to do what you describe.  For
me, the resolution was to load a custom grub.cfg into libreboot, as I
had always done (as the default doesn't check the right LVM volumes).
It seems that the GRUB scripting language can't do the appropriate
looping to be able to handle it in a generic way.

Anyway, what device does your /boot reside on?  What is the grub
configuration's filename there?  My guess would be that the latest
libreboots dropped a location that they used to check (although, I
don't think they did).

I've also experienced that for some reason, LVM reads can be very
slow in libreboot GRUB, IDK why.  It is possible that it's getting
hung up when it tries checking the LVM devices, but would eventually
find your install.

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