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Re: [Libreboot] libreboot is not GNU Libreboot anymore

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] libreboot is not GNU Libreboot anymore
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2016 08:38:46 +0100
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On 16/09/16 01:34, Leah Rowe wrote:
> Hi,
> The Free Software Foundation recently fired  a transgendered employee of
> the FSF, just for being trans, because some transphobic cissexist people
> wrote negativly about her. The FSF fired her because they thougdt she,
> rather than the assholes bullying her, was causing the FSF potential
> damage. As a result, she was fired from the FSF.
> As a trans person myself, I find this disgusting.
> I'm declaring here and now to the whole world that Libreboot is no
> longer part of the GNU project. I do not believe that the FSF or the GNU
> project deserve to exist.
> Please remove libreboot from the GNU mailing list infrastracture, and
> GNU Savannah admins please delete the "lr" account. I own
> and I have the ability to create my own mailing lists for the libreboot
> project. I do not wish to use the GNU/nonGNU mailing lists anymore.
> Libreboot is not part of GNU or FSF anymore. I hereby denounce both GNU
> and FSF.
> Long live the LGBT community, and long live the free software movement.
> Meanwhile, FSF and GNU can both go fuck themselves.

The FSF responded with this statement:

They're lying.

The employee (who I won't name, because I don't want her harrassed) was
being harassed by another employee who was transphobic. Her fellow
co-worker sided with him and then she started standing up for herself
because she was being bullied. She was identified as a threat to the
FSF's internal stability and then she was fired. What should have
happened is the people bullying her should have been fired.

Which is these people:
Stephen Mahood
Ruben Rodriguez

We in the libreboot project will never accept this. That's why we left GNU.

Leah Rowe

Libreboot developer

Use free software. Free as in freedom.

Use a free operating system, GNU/Linux.

Use a free BIOS.

Support freedom. Join the Free Software Foundation.

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