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Re: [Libreboot] Fwd: Re: Future of Libreboot

From: mdmcys5kat
Subject: Re: [Libreboot] Fwd: Re: Future of Libreboot
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 20:58:38 -0000

> Hi,
> Now I will respond to the coward.
> On 24/09/16 21:30, Leah Rowe wrote:
>> forwarded to the libreboot mailing list because the coward didn't want
>> to say these things publicly:
>> -------- Forwarded Message --------
>> Subject: Re: Future of Libreboot
>> Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 14:20:57 -0500
>> From: address@hidden
>> To: Leah Rowe <address@hidden>
>> On 2016-09-24 14:04, Leah Rowe wrote:
>>> Is complaining about discrimination against trans people at the FSF
>>> unprofessional?
>> Mixing politics into your work, and using your position as a developer
>> to soapbox is very unprofessional.
>> To be more precise, it's not that free software doesn't need Libreboot,
>> it's  that free software
>> doesn't need you and your piss-poor attitude. A large chunk of the tech
>> community has failed to realize this.
> I'm still the founder and lead developer of the libreboot project, and I
> still keep the project running.
> Complaining about discrimination against transgender people at the FSF
> is not unprofessional, it is rather a morally just act.
>> For the past 6 years or so free software and the GNU/Linux community as
>> a whole has been swarmed with fresh out of college
>> kiddies that have been taught a very biased liberal agenda instead of a
>> real computer-science education, and no
>> real development choices ever get made because people are too busy
>> spouting shit to others on Twitter, mailing lists,
>> GNU Social or where-ever.
> My parents are socially and economically conservative. I went to a
> protestant christian school. My grandmother is catholic.
> I have qualifications in computer science and mathematics.
> I personally do not use twitter, gnu social or social networks in
> general. I've generally stuck to IRC and mailing lists. This will
> probably never change.
> The way I am is an accident and in direct odds to my upbringing, but you
> claimed otherwise because you didn't ask.
>> I could go on all day about how "trans" people are diseased and don't
>> exist, but I'd be ignored and thrown out
>> of a safe-space that has been established by such "people." HOWEVER,
>> despite my political beliefs I am not inclined
>> to publicly spout them in any work that I would take part in, because
>> that would be unprofessional. I couldn't care
>> less what your ideologies are as long as you had kept them private, and
>> proved yourselves worthy in the software world by
>> contributing important things and making wise decisions. At the end of
>> the day that's all that matters.
> The individual who was fired from the FSF happened to be extremely
> qualified, experienced and intelligent. They were very good at their
> job, but they were fired as soon as they complained about being
> misgendered and abused by colleagues that figured out they were trans.
>> This is no "discrimination" case, it's a bunch of asspained hipsters
>> that couldn't handle simple bantz. And by stating
>> that you hope the FSF doesn't fork your work shows you wish deny one of
>> the 4 essential freedoms to your userbase.
>> This is why we don't want you. Not because you're all a bunch of queers,
>> but because you want to undermine the very movement
>> that has supported you all this time.
>> Thanks for nothing.
> We undermine nothing. The libreboot project still stands firm as one
> that support computer user freedom. I personally am still working on the
> project, and have even submitted several non-trivial patches to
> libreboot post-GNU.
> FSF, GNU: comments like from the above person that I'm replying to are
> common in the community. Do you really want to associate yourself with it?
> John Sullivan
> Stephen Mahood
> Ruben Rodriguez
> ^ these people need to leave the FSF, or be fired
> See:
> --
> Leah Rowe
> Libreboot developer
> Use free software. Free as in freedom.
> Use a free operating system, GNU/Linux.
> Use a free BIOS.
> Support computer user freedom.
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