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[libredwg] building under Windows with Cygwin

From: juca
Subject: [libredwg] building under Windows with Cygwin
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 18:18:17 -0200 (BRT)

I have successfully built LibreDWG in a Windows XP machine today.

But I have had some issues, so here is what I did:

Install Cygwin.
In the installer you must open the "devel" list expander and select these 
git, automake, gcc, make, libtool

after installing cygwin, open it and type:

git clone git://

this will fetch our current development code. Enter the directory with:

cd libredwg

I did not find ps-lib package in the cygwin distribution. This package is 
needed for one of our exemple programs, which outputs postcript files from a 
given dwg.
For now, you should edit examples/ and remove all references to 

Then in order to build, the common procedure would be the usual:

make install
make check

unfortunatelly, for some not yet well know reason, it complained about libtool 
So, to fix that, I did type this command:

autoreconf -i

This recreates the configure script using the currently installed version of 
libtool (I think - correct me if I'm wrong).
Then you can do this to build:


and this to install the lib:
make install

and then you do this to build the examples:
make check

Happy Hacking!
Felipe "Juca" Sanches

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