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[libredwg] LibreDWG wiki

From: Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Subject: [libredwg] LibreDWG wiki
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 19:19:53 -0200

Hi folks,

I thought about setting up a wiki for the project. The wiki would be a
tool to assist development, with developers focused documentation like
compiling, testing, sending patches and whatever we think might be
useful. I've been told that we can host it at LibrePlanet
( I'll link the "hacking" link at and savannah to it. Let me know what you
tink of it. Ideas welcome.

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
PoliGNU - Grupo de Estudos de Software Livre da Poli/USP
FSF Associate Member #7788

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