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[libredwg] AUTOCAD Info

From: Guruprasad Rane
Subject: [libredwg] AUTOCAD Info
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 22:21:28 +0530

Dear All

On the LIbreDWG WIKI I found this
If you can't program, but have some understanding of AutoCAD, you could
help us. Several developers haven't ever used AutoCAD or any other
mainstream CAD program, and we usually have difficulties understanding
the semantics of DWG (how does an aligned dimension look like?), despite
being almost experts regarding the low level file synthax."

I can program somewhat but i have very good understanding about AUTOCAD,
I have used AUTOCAD for around 12years. I know the software in and out.
So feel free to ask me questions about it.



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