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[libredwg] TEST SUITE 0.2

From: guruprasad rane
Subject: [libredwg] TEST SUITE 0.2
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 09:47:25 +0530

Hi All

Please check this link

testsuite0.2.tar.gz is a new test suite I am trying.

It has a folder testsuite0.2 which need to be copied to LibreDwg folder.
There are folders like dwg, svg, png and errors inside testsuite folder.
dwg has the dwg files in various formats.
png has png files of the dwg files in dwg folder.
svg and errors folders are for outputs.

There is file which is a main script.
It checks for dwg files in dwg folder, then uses testSVG program to convert them to SVG files and save them to SVG folder. In case a error occurs it creates a file in errors folder. Then is gnerates a html report in file report.htm which need to be opened in web browser.

The report has a table with first column as the original png files, then one column for each version of dwg. The output need to be compared visually.

may be we can connect this to a MYSQL/PHP database and save all the test records.

Waiting for your comments.

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