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[libredwg] some reporting from gsoc

From: Anderson Cardoso
Subject: [libredwg] some reporting from gsoc
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 08:36:48 -0300

Hi everyone,
First of all I want to apologize for communicating so few with you all. I'm always in contact with Rodrigo(pitanga), that its my mentor, but I should integrate more with the rest of the team. I was just trying to not be a pedantic, and spam you all with silly questions.
I came to give a fast report of what I'm doing right now at the project:
  I'm trying to write and re-read the example.dwg (or some other file). It already spits a dwg file, with failures on the re-read. According to what I saw the handlers of the encode are not implemented, so I will try to put some work on that.
  I'd also taken off the rewrite.c from compiling for now. It's just me who is using, so I can compile by hand and not break the check unnecessarily.

thanks, and sorry for any mistakes.


PS:I think I might had merged a branch that Thien was working on by mistake. sorry by that, I've no experience at all with git.
PS: I grabbed two empty (just headers and etc) dwg files for testing: one of R 2007 and the other R2010. If its of the interest I can push it

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