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[libredwg] Lat�olours present Latinoamerican M usic Talents Open Booking

From: Latin Colours Events
Subject: [libredwg] Lat�olours present Latinoamerican M usic Talents Open Booking 2011-12
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 00:20:33 -0500




 One of the best proposals of Latin American Music she sings the
Latin American imaginary with a sweet water voice. The Colombian
songwriter Marta Gómez on Tour 2011 presenting “El Corazón y el
Sombrero” her latest record production dedicated to the Granadian
poet Federico García Lorca.

 …defending the Latin essence in the middle of the diversity...
Otmaro Ruiz has an exceptional skill and versatility, creative
pianist who transcends numerous styles. He has played in the most
important international jazz scenes and he was awarded a Grammy. On
Tour 2011 leading his Latin-Jazz Quartet. 

 The Portuguese SofÌa Ribeiro is talented with a magnificent voice,
whose sound ranges from soft, strong, weak or powerful. On Tour 2011,
Sofia Ribeiro mixes the most complex jazz harmonies and rhythms and
Brazilian music with fado, giving a personal hand to her proposal. 


 Meridiano on Tour 2011. The inimitable voice of Francesca Gagnon
(The voice of ìAlegriaî in the Cirque Du Soleil), is talented to
merge -in complete humility- into the breath of the Andean siku,
where the unique intensity of his interpretation is firmly grounded
over a nature of a surprisingly sound strength. Meridiano is an
exceptional musical experience which Inti Illimani want to share with
his audiences and the audience who has been delighted by the voice of
Alegria around the world. 



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