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[libredwg] PCGUARD Intro Newsletter

From: Werner van Brakel
Subject: [libredwg] PCGUARD Intro Newsletter
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 09:13:07 +0200

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STOP  Computer Theft !!

PCGUARD aims at drastically reducing the risk of computer theft.   Computer theft during office hours are on the increase when security measures are usually less stringent and the office alarm is deactivated.  Thieves easily gain access to the office, armed and dangerous, and victimize staff with fear and physical force.  


Why choose PCGUARD?

ü Use your current network infrastructure

ü No devices or gadgets installed into or onto your computer

ü No drilling into floors/pc’s and damaging office furniture

ü Easy to install

ü 24 hour monitoring

ü Link to your armed response unit

ü Turn your computer into a panic button

ü We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate

ü Protect offices, schools, any small/large concentration of PC’s

ü To steal a computer, you have to disconnect the network cable.  This is where PCGUARD immediately comes into action! 

“In most cases, computer theft occur unseen.  We aim to close that gap. You can have the best products on the market to physically safeguard your computers, but it will do you absolutely no good if the theft takes place unnoticed.”  Werner van Brakel 


For more information click on PCGUARD to go to our website.


To Become a reseller for PCGuard please click on the following link  (want to become a reseller) and a mial will be send of to us for your request.


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