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[libredwg] Status LibreDWG in LibreCAD

From: R. van Twisk
Subject: [libredwg] Status LibreDWG in LibreCAD
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 17:34:08 -0500

hey Guys,

I know it's not such a buzy list, but I seeing how easy/hard it
is to use the LibreDWG library in libreCAD.

So far it's going fairly well, there are still lot's of open ends to fill in,
but LibreDWG ties in very well with LibreCAD.

I am currently doing my tests with DraftSight and import of R2000-R2002
autocad files are working fine so far.

Here is a screenshot :

Code can be found here :

Ries van Twisk

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