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Re: [libredwg] Appeal for relicensing of LibreDWG

From: Jean-Peer Lorenz
Subject: Re: [libredwg] Appeal for relicensing of LibreDWG
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 13:51:48 +0100

Am Freitag, den 10.02.2012, 17:33 +0530 schrieb .Org.Com: 
> I fully support you sentiments, but I fail to understand the issue
> involved. Please clearly say, what difficulty you faced, and what you
> want.

This is easy:

1. I want to see LibreDWG relicensed as GPLv2+ asap, so LibreCAD and
FreeCAD can use it.
2. I want the FSF as copyright holder of LibreDWG to support efforts
which aim to improve the situation around free CAD software.
3. I don't want that FSF blocks possible developments and improvements
just because of different versions of license used (in this particular

The reason/or intention of my post was just to point out, that I'm not
quite happy with current situation of what'd possible and what actually
happened. And I wanted other people to know this.

Thanks and regards,


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