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[libredwg] Future direction of LibreDWG

From: .Org.Com
Subject: [libredwg] Future direction of LibreDWG
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2013 06:11:12 +0530


Your subscription on this mailing list, proves you interest and
involvement in this project. But we all see there has not been any
real development, and in the present form LibreDWG is not useful to
many of us.

Recently, I started working as maintainer of this software. In this
context, I will be great full, if you share here your expectation from
this software, what you want it it or what you want to be removed from
it, so that we all able to use it.

You may like to visit at: and wish to read Roadmap.

You input / feedback / suggestion will help to make this software
useful, so all are requested to respond.


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