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[libredwg] Reply to review about proposal

From: gagan
Subject: [libredwg] Reply to review about proposal
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 18:31:38 +0530

Hello Rodrigo Sir,

Thanks for reviewing my proposal.
An example from application point of view:-

========== CODE START ===========

#include <dwg.h>
#include <myapi.h>
Dwg_Data dwg;
int circle_array[1000]; // It can be of any length not less than
number of entities.
circle_array = extract_circles(dwg);

========== CODE END ===========

This is all and hence circle_array will get values of center_x, center_y, radius
circle_array[0] = value of center of x of circle 1
circle_array[1] = value of center of y of circle 1
circle_array[2] = value of radius of circle 1
circle_array[3] = value of center of x of circle 2
circle_array[4] = value of center of y of circle 2
circle_array[5] = value of radius of circle 2
And so on.....

Regarding the dxf converter, We are not having any support for reading
DWG files on linux yet. Though libredwg made an awesome effort, due to
licensing problems we are unable to use the libredwg in any cad
softwares like librecad, freecad or any such cad program. The
situation is basically same as it was before libredwg. Even now people
can't view drawings that were provided them in dwg format. So to make
them able to read and view the drawings I decided to create a
converter to convert dxf to dwg. Until there is licensing problem, We
can provide people a conversion software so that they can atleast open
the drawings in librecad or freecad after conversion to dxf by my
converter. I personally feel this is a requirement in the real world.
Agreed that library is not complete yet but we can read upto some
extent and thats enough I guess untill further library gets developed.
People would be able to upload a file, convert it to dxf and utilise
it. It will be the first opensource dwg to dxf converter ever.

Moreover, I had selected API for LibreDWG since It was posted on your
ideas page. I know we need to concentrate on the core part but right
now I feel that I can do this project much better than other projects
though if I get support from you all I will work on core part after
GSOC since then there will be no time bounding and moreover right now
I am not having all the required knowledge of the core part as much as
I have gathered regarding API functionality. I have love for
opensource cad and I wish that libredwg again comes back to life and
people are able to use it. I would try to develop it to the maximum
extent I can, May be after GSoC also But right now I can provide
maximum efficiency regarding API only.

Regarding low level and high level functions in C, what I had
understood is to create the functions in an object oriented way, I was
thinking to use C++ for this.
May be I am wrong on above statement, In that case can you please show
me an example of any low level function and how do you wish to see it
in high level C code. Basically I didn't get you regarding low level
and high level code.


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