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Re: [libredwg] Decode R2004 version

From: Till Heuschmann
Subject: Re: [libredwg] Decode R2004 version
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2013 21:53:58 +0200

In src/header_variables.spec file, why the starting part is commented
as following:
/*... */
It is right according to specifications.

The "header_variables.spec" file is included in the function dwg_decode_header_variables() and this function is called from 3 functions. Before the function gets called the bitsize is read so it is commended out in the .spec file. 

Why do you want to rename "common_entity_handle_data.spec"? It decodes the entity handles (see spec 5.3 "19.4.2 Common Entity Handle Data") In the handle data there are no "Lineweight, Invisibility, Entmode". An Entity is stored like this:
1. Common fields (Here you find the Lineweight and Invisible Fields)
   In libredwg this part is handled in the dwg_decode_entity() function
2. Entity specific fields
  In libredwg this part is handled in dwg.spec in the DWG_ENTITY(XXX) definitions 
3. Handle data
  In libredwg: common_entity_handle_data.spec

Some Data Section needs to be implemented like AcDb:SummaryInfo,
AcDb:Preview, AcDb:history, AcDb:filedeplist.

Yes, they are missing.

1. Implement 32-bit CRC.
2. Add data to common_entity_handle_data.spec and rename this file.
3. Implement Section Page checksum.
4. Implement the header, section map and info with redefined specs.
5.Implement Data Sections.
6. Biggest and major conclusion: Needs Refactoring.

Good list. I can't think of anything else...

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