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Re: [libredwg] GSoC coding starts

From: Avneet Kaur
Subject: Re: [libredwg] GSoC coding starts
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 18:59:24 +0530

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 6:32 PM, Felipe Castro <address@hidden> wrote:
> 2- split the "print" functions (for debugging) and move them to the
> "examples" directory, maybe changing the references from "print" to "dump",
> just for debugging/testing. I was thinking about writing a program just to
> dump the "dwg" information to a text file, so that it could be easier do
> "diff" results and see if something changed when the code is modified, a
> kind of general test framework. This would bring the benefit of removing the
> debugging stuff from the library's footprint

Hello Felipe !

Actually my focus is only on decoding part. But I will look into too.
Because of an internet problem, I was offline here.
Now it's fixed, i'll be online.

Er. Avneet Kaur

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working
together is success."

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