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[libredwg] Hydra progress report + invitation

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: [libredwg] Hydra progress report + invitation
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2014 00:47:33 +0100
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After many changes in LibreDWG:
 5dca683 2014-12-05 [v] Fix bug: Collapse individual tuple-item assignments.
 29abb49 2014-12-04 [v] Make testsuite/testcases progs link against in-tree
 387d011 2014-12-03 [v] Explicitly name testsuite/testcases support files.
 88b7f13 2014-11-29 [v] Distribute testsuite/testcases support files.
 812ea8e 2014-11-27 [v] Declare encoding.
 6f18b96 2014-11-26 [maint] Remove *.pyc files from repo.
 cad9247 2014-11-26 [v] Streamline invocation of sub-program
 03ac140 2014-11-23 [v] Use Python interpreter discovered by configure script.
 78a0b97 2014-11-21 [v] Make xmlsuite data files non-executable.
 fd111c9 2014-11-21 [v] Distribute xmlsuite support files.
 356315d 2014-11-19 [v] Use ‘LDADD’ and full filename.
 174ceaf 2014-11-16 [v] Don't forget to distribute common.c.
 0cdbb4e 2014-11-16 [v] Don't forget to distribute suffix.c.
 38cea3f 2014-10-22 [build] Determine libxml2 flags at configure time.
 ddba219 2014-10-22 [build] Make configure script check for pkg-config(1).
 79b2a82 2014-10-22 [admin] Update ignorance; nfc.

and in the LibreDWG configuration for Hydra:

 4c7787c 2014-11-25 libredwg: Add libxml2Python as a dependency.
 3171825 2014-11-12 libredwg: Don't try to build on darwin.
 e558e01 2014-11-09 libredwg: add dejagnu as dependency
 0146a76 2014-10-28 libredwg: "fix-up" factor dependencies list (again)
 e92e4b7 2014-10-27 libredwg: "fix-up" factor dependencies list (again)
 dd9d096 2014-10-27 libredwg: "fix-up" factor dependencies list
 8f7ffb7 2014-10-21 libredwg: factor dependencies list
 36519a3 2014-10-16 libredwg: add dejagnu as dependency
 75b5503 2014-10-13 libredwg: delete EOL ws; set maintainer email address
 157659e 2014-10-13 libredwg: add libxml2 as dependency

i am happy to report that LibreDWG succesfully builds the tarball on
Hydra, and makes a good show of building the "make check" prerequisites
for several platforms on Hydra.  Now, a good show is not success and
even less so "make check" success, so it is not yet time to celebrate.

This message is intended, instead, to invite the rest of the LibreDWG
hackers to fix up the warnings and errors (and segfaults!) unearthed by
these builds.  To start, have a look at:

Then, follow the links (eventually) to a "raw" link, such as:

Lastly, search the contents of that page for "error" or "warning" or
"segmentation fault", find something you can fix, and fix it, locally.

But why locally?  Why not just push the fix?

Well, i am going to be blunt here: I'm not happy w/ the quality of some
of the more recent commit messages.  They do not conform to the GNU
coding standards.  IMHO, it's too much of a pain to change them now,
but we should make a strong effort to improve ourselves going forward.

So, i propose to serve as a mentor for this very narrow aspect of
LibreDWG hacking (commit message construction), and explicitly not for
any other aspect (design, implementation).  The work flow is like this:

 (a) jrhacker finds PROBLEM (see above)
 (b) jrhacker signals mailing list: "i'm on it; PROBLEM is mine!"
 (c) jrhacker fixes PROBLEM and commits to local repo
 (d) jrhacker posts patch series (see git-format-patch(1))
 (e) ttn critiques the commit message(s)
 (f) jrhacker rolls eyes, refines the series, reposts
 (g) goto (e) unless ttn finally shuts up
 (h) jrhacker pushes to the savannah repo

BTW, if there are design / implementation critique from non-ttn
hackers as part of (e), then that's fine, too.  This way, we get
(technically) the fixes and proper commit messages, and (socially)
a chance to get to know each other better.  All in the name of GNU,
of course!

What do people think?

Thien-Thi Nguyen
   GPG key: 4C807502
   (if you're human and you know it)
      read my lisp: (responsep (questions 'technical)
                               (not (via 'mailing-list)))
                     => nil

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