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[libredwg] Summer of Code

From: Jaśmina Michajłow
Subject: [libredwg] Summer of Code
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 17:49:39 +0100


my name is Jaśmina Michajłow, I am an architect from Poland, and I am
also studying Computer Science at University of Warsaw.

In field of Computer Science, so far I learned Pascal, C and basics of
Python, this semester I learn Java. I work on Linux, and I am familiar
with gnu toolchain (gcc, makefiles). I know it's not that much, but I
learn fast. For instance, last semester I passed operating system
classes (C), which required writing several parallel programs with IPC
and pthreads. I have some code samples I can share, but not many yet.
I used Pascal on "Introduction to Programming" (lecturer did not allow
C there :( ), where I also used Python to write automated tests to my

I am also an engineer in Architecture, with over a year of
professional experience. I am fluent with AutoCad, SketchUp or
ArchiCad. I see a clear need for development of open source
alternatives to architects programs, since originals are very
expensive (compared to incomes of average architect's office in
Poland). There's also space for improvement in terms of
interoperability and accessibility.

I learned about GNU project several months ago, and I am impressed by
it's so-far achievements. In fields of software for architects, I
might be helpful by bridging two specializations.

Among the proposed subjects, I think I might try to write some
automated tests (I can generate test data in original programs), and I
could try to make some progress on writing dwg files support (I agree
it's needed) but it's marked as hard, so I am not sure if I am
experienced enough. Maybe if we exchange some information here we can
figure it out.

I haven't used LibreDWG yet (at least not directly), I learned about
it from SoC web site. I will try to dive into it's code this weekend,
but I am afraid I won't be able to come up with design/implementation
proposals before SoC deadline. Is there anything else I can do in
support my application?

Kindest Regards
Jaśmina Michajłow

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