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[libredwg] DWG Data Extraction.

From: Martín Belmonte
Subject: [libredwg] DWG Data Extraction.
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 22:48:04 +0100
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Hello, I want to use LibreDWG to extract all the information from a DWG file possible. I'm trying to develop a CAD program written in gambas3 language . As file format i use text separated by tab. To draw relatively simple schematic drawings, in SVG, PDF, DXF, etc. scripting by using database information and
draw the documents using OpenGL,Cairo or some other specific gambas3 component.

The first problem that i found is the extraction of  layer and color for all entities and block name for inserts.

Someone know if exist some program.c that use libredwg to extract dwg entities information, as any table format?

I was seeing the Archimedes project the programs load_dwg.c and dwg_ps.c but, how i said i not found the way to modify the program to solve my problem.
someone can help me?

I attach some files. one is cad.osd, as a little explanation of the text file format
and the classes that i modify but no completely success.

Steps i need to solve
1 - Layer, color, linetype for all entities extraxted
2 - Block Name for inserts (i no focus on block drawing, just only name, color, layer, linetype)
3 - Block attibute text data.

to be continued...

Martin Belmonte.

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