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[libredwg] Status and goals

From: Duncan Lithgow
Subject: [libredwg] Status and goals
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2020 14:51:40 +0100

Hi there Reini Urban

Over at we've been talking about DWG support in free software and how we can promote it. We think it's critical to free software gaining broad adoption in the AEC sector. I was wondering if anyone could make or direct me to some kind of statement on the current status of DWG support in free software and what's needed to push it forward.

As far as I am aware no free software projects use libreDWG out of the box. That is something we at would love to help change.

If the reply comes on this list I will forward it, but maybe you would like to make a presentation to one of our monthly meetings, an update to the webpage (if needed) or help us write a news article we can promote on our social media.

I can see on the forum there has been plenty of work done - but I have no idea what that means in practice. I think a quick email interview we can use for an article might be the best start - how does that sound?

Regards, Duncan

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