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[libredwg] Communicating about DWG/DXF & FOSS

From: Duncan Lithgow
Subject: [libredwg] Communicating about DWG/DXF & FOSS
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 10:57:09 +0100

This topic was pulling another thread off-topic

Greg Troxel wrote

thanks for posting the wiki link. ( )

I don't have anything useful to add, but I would suggest that you adjust

  DWG in FOSS Software  =>  Free Software packages that directly support DWG

  Free software known to have some support for DWG => this is fine, but
    move everything that needs proprietary plugins to the next section,
    so that this section is only about actual Free Software
> All the mentioned software is free/libre software. QCAD Pro is mentioned because QCAD CE is Libre and buying it is a way to support QCAD CE.

  => "Free Software that can use (binary-only?0) proprietary libraries"
    and put FreeCAD here
> Now you're getting a bit into the weeds of detail. FreeCAD can use (but does not depend on) the ODAConverter, but you have to add it to your installation yourself. By default FreeCAD ships with (but does not depend on) LibreDWG.
> I don't think the text needs all that detail. I did however remove the reference to using the ODA converter. That's documented on the doc page I link to.

  => Non-Free Software that is related to Free Software
    and put QCAD here
> QCAD CE is libre/free software. QCAD is not. The page linked to makes that clear.

and it might be that you should say: "By converting dwg to dxf, and
using a program that can use dxf, ..." and then point to the dxf page.
If these programs don't really link with a dwg lib, but just convert and
read, that's godo for people to understand.

> It says in the first paragraph that working with DXF is preferable as it's more open in nature.

At the bottom

  "freely available proprietary ODA File Converter" => zero-cost
  (registration-required?) (binary-only?) proprietary ODA File

The gauchocad link is 404.
Maybe it was renamed??
> You're right. They've gone back to the original name (!) References updated.

> Feel free to make an account to edit the page if you want. It's a public wiki.

/ Duncan

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