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Forge evaluation

From: Marc Sunet
Subject: Forge evaluation
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2021 19:14:44 -0800
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I have recently set up a Gitea instance and saw that it was in your list of candidates for the forge. I can help do some research on it if you need help. A few comments so far:

> Poor usability with no JS from site (gnu criteria A) [...] Would need to add that functionality in plain html when no js is run.

The thing seems to be heavily dependent on Vue.js and other JS packages, so I imagine this will be tough.

> Resource requirements / performance under load.

I have no run any load testing. It being written in Go instead of Python should generally scale better than Pagure, I think.

> How featureful are is are administration interface/tools (GUI or CLI).

What specifically do you want to see here?

> Tools to prevent abuse. User banning is possible from GUI.

By default, account creation does not have email verification, but the feature is supported. Just need to configure an MTA on the system to send the confirmation email and then modify Gitea's app.ini configuration file.

The server can also be made invite-only, but I don't know if that would be too restrictive for your use case.

I can look into banning and other tools.

> Ease of deployment, upgrading, debugging

I went the manual route. Installation is fairly straightforward. There is also a snap and docker container available. Not sure how that works in terms of Free Software requirements, though.

Upgrading seems to be a matter of either updating the binary or compiling the new source. The new binary will attempt database migrations when necessary. They suggest manually backing up the database first or configuring the system to snapshot the filesystem automatically.

> import/export of data

Do you mean like migrating the repositories but from a user's perspective? I have not tried this. Their Github issue on import/export is still open with no progress on it anyway.

Thank you,


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