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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] A new distrbution of Free Software for WIndows

From: Ted Smith
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] A new distrbution of Free Software for WIndows
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2011 12:15:17 -0400

On Wed, 2011-08-03 at 19:54 +0300, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> Hi Fellow Free Software Activists !
> General questions:
> 1. Will you be interested in such a project ?
> 2. Are you seeing the value of educating Windows crowd the values of
> Free Software ?
> 3. Will you help me to market it, upon completion ?
> 4. What are the requirements to market it as Free Software ?
> 5. What are the requirements to market it as a GNU project ?
> 6. Are there any other Free Software mailing-lists, that I should
> consider speaking with ?

I think this is a good effort that is worthy of doing. There are a lot
of good efforts for software freedom and other equally worthy causes in
the world, and we can't each help all of them, but I think it's good
that you're doing what you're doing.

I also lean towards only providing software help and doing software
development and distribution for GNU/Linux and other free systems. But
there are a lot of Windows users out there. There are millions of people
who will die before they use GNU/Linux.

That isn't an ideological statement. It's a fact. Facts have no
political affiliation. Those people still deserve free software, and
it's good that there are people working for that. If a Windows user uses
LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Word, they're more free than they would
have been otherwise, and that's good. 

It's not optimal, but that doesn't make it any less good. A powerful
political movement needs a diversity of strategies and tactics, just
like a healthy culture needs diversity, and a healthy ecosystem needs
variance, and for exactly the same reasons.

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