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[libreplanet-discuss] DVD-PL license feedback

From: Patrick
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] DVD-PL license feedback
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 09:48:11 -0400
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I have a for profit scientific instrument control application I have been planning for several years. I am between 3 months and 1 year from being ready to ship.

I read about the profusion of free software licenses and wanted to heed the call to not create another.

However GPL just does not make business sense for my particular situation. The software would be low volume, high dollar, competitors will just fork the code and roll it into proprietary software. Much of the industry is now overseas, competitors are well out of my reach for legal action, effectively nullifying the topic of licenses once it's in their hands.

The benefits that let's say a Red Hat like operation will not apply to me. I will receive no code in return and there isn't the same sort of mass market as there would be with other industries, as server software for instance.

I was planning on building a custom interface board for the software and controlling the distribution of it through hardware and licensing the software under GPL.

The thing is the board I would fabricate would not do anything that other boards available off the shelf would not do already and there is a large investment of time and money to do this.

I now feel that it is better to use off the shelf hardware and the just the right license for the job.

People talk about the profusion of software licenses but to me there seem to be only 3 categories. GPL, the software is never proprietary. OpaC where it is never proprietary and never for pay and then a whole bunch of licenses that allow co-creation of proprietary software.

I never want my software to become proprietary so this rules out most of the licenses. GPL won't work for me for the above mentioned reasons. OpaC might work.

I was thinking about creating my own license. I got most of the idea from someone on another mailing list. They mentioned they have an additional GPL clause like what I will mention next.

I wanted to create a license that was identical to the GPL but required that the software only be redistributed in DVD format.

This would allow users to resell, modify and do everything they can with the GPL. I don't see how it would harm the end users. It would however slow the distribution and keep the software moving between end users more so then between competitors. It would allow me to get new revisions out before my competitors fork it into proprietary code. I would loose these benefits if it was posted as a link on the net.

I suspect this will be GPL incompatible but does it sound like it could be FSF approved?

is their already a software license like this?

I probably won't be able to fork GPL code but does it sound like I could fork LGPL/BSD like code?

I would love some feedback on this but please don't beat me up(too much). I know that people will want me to choose a preexisting license and people will argue for the GPL too.

If I can get this right it will be good product line but will also be good for free software as this industry is entirely dominated by closed source software.

Thanks for reading my long post-Patrick

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