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[libreplanet-discuss] I have a Free Software licensing question

From: zerothis baud
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] I have a Free Software licensing question
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 17:34:35 -0700

Say I'm making a freeware game with a GPL'd engine of my own design.
The games uses a complex series of rules that are designed to reward
players based on their 'behavior' choices. IE: They should be selfish
and mean if playing an evil orc, moral and altruistic if playing a
good paladin. That's simplifying it a bit and the player can change.
But getting to my point, I don't want people source diving to figure
out the mechanics of this system and thereby finding ways to exploit
it and 'artfully dodge' 'the rules'. My idea was to have 'the rules'
in an external script type applet into which the game feeds encrypted
data and returns encrypted data. I'll call it "Heisenbreg's Blob" or
something. This is _totally_optional_ for the game engine. Any content
not writen to use the "Heisenberg Blob" will run just fine without it.
My content, however, will depend on it _to_work_as_intended_. The game
will run without it, but the player will not get the rewards (it
alters gameplay). Anyone can also write their own Blob and make their
content dependant or optionally dependent. But what I'm getting at, is
the internal workings of the Blob are secret. Is there anyway this can
work with GPL or another Free Software license?

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