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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] LibrpePlanet Gaming Team brainstorm!

From: Mark Holmquist
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] LibrpePlanet Gaming Team brainstorm!
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 14:52:02 -0700
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(This message was originally sent this morning to dpic. There is a severe need for a reply-to field on this list.)

We need more ideas! And this is where you come in. Please suggest
campaign ideas and consider what we can do to further free software in
the gaming arena. I'll start things off.

I'd like to jump in quick and say that, if any of us are available to help people make changes or additions to free games, that might be a helpful start--actually showing people how changing a game can be really beneficial is definitely in line with the mission of both LibrePlanet and this group in particular. We could easily pull together a group of hackers and advertise this volunteer group on various social sites.

Idea--would LibrePlanet or the FSF be able to sign off on community service, if high school/college students wanted to use something like this for an academic requirement? Maybe that's an entirely different thread, but it's definitely worth pursuing.

I think we should collaborate with Open Game Art and the Liberated Pixel
Cup. We could offer to use the winning game as our first game for the
weekly gaming nights and to play it for x number of weeks (4?). Other
collaboration ideas are welcome!

I like the idea of using games from the LPC, but I'm not sure limiting to one game for the weekly gaming events would be good, because it might drive away folks who don't like whatever game is being played. In the interest of having everyone interested in free gaming join all the time, I'm sure we could have multiple games per night, possibly with different sponsoring organizations per game server. We could definitely talk to some hosting providers (Linode? Dreamhost? Others?) to get servers up and running.

Mark Holmquist
Contractor, Wikimedia Foundation

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