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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign

From: v_2e
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 00:38:51 +0300


On Sat, 26 May 2012 20:34:55 +0200
Robert Martinez <> wrote:
> I want to avoid any problematic situations.
> There is the problem of *any* color that it might not go well with 
> another and there is the issue of putting people in the position of 
> making the choice: "do I need the b&w version or do I want the
> colored" ... So just for the sake of having a reliable solution I see
> b&w as the way to go.
  To my mind, the logo should definitely be in black & white (or at
least look good enough in black & white) since it is the best variant
for printing on T-shirts, for example. And T-shirts may be a good way
of promoting it.
  What do you think?



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