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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign

From: arthur_torrey
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 23:49:44 +0000 (UTC)

Looking at this, I see both sides.  Yes, there is a lot of good info on the 
existing FSF pages, but it is LONG...  

Arguably the GPL is longer than many proprietary software ULA's, and we know 
how many folks read those....   Add in the GNU software manifesto, and the 
lengthy free software definition, and you've sent many (almost all?) users into 
information overload...

What is needed is a "short & sweet" explanation, with links to the longer full 
length pages.  One of the frequent posters on this list has a blurb about why 
his messages are five sentences or less, which may be a bit extreme, but is the 
right idea in general...  I would say the "Condensed GNU" should be no more 
than 2-3 paragraphs, or ONE screen (including graphics), and just hit the high 
points with a "see link to full definition for details" tag...


Arthur Torrey 

----- Original Message -----
> Robert Martinez <> writes:
> > On 30/05/12 01:24, John Sullivan wrote:
> >> We don't intentionally make pages on or
> >> unappealing. We
> >> hope that people will help us make them more so, rather than make
> >> new
> >> pages elsewhere :). Especially when they are something so core to
> >> our
> >> purpose as this.
> >>
> >> -john
> >
> > I regard this as a necessary side-effect. :D
> > Pages on have a high information value and density.
> > They also need to fit into the general layout.
> > So the page I have in mind is set free from those two (otherwise
> > reasonable) limitations.
> >
> > people clicking on the label should not need to feel pushed to read
> > on
> > about the FSF, the GPL, the definition or other important issues.
> > They
> > should get a condensed and "polished" impression of what we agree to
> > be at the heart of the free software.
> >
> Pages on are just HTML, with SSI. And we have the capability
> to
> host pages in other layouts on when there is a good reason to.
> We seem to be going in circles at this point, and you've heard my
> thoughts, so I'll wait to see what you come up with. :) I think that
> if
> you come up with a concise, attractive way to introduce the definition
> of free software, then we would really like to host that on or
>, and point people toward it, and I hope you will give us the
> opportunity to do that. I also think adoption of the label would
> benefit
> significantly from direct connection with the organization that
> already
> maintains a very widely used definition of free software.
> -john
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