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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign

From: lluvia
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Label Campaign
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 19:15:51 +0200

> On 31/05/12 18:03, lluvia wrote:
> > Maybe just not writing the freedoms in the splash page but in the
> > page would be good for keeping the interest on the people: although
> > recognize the high importance of the 4 freedoms, I think they need a
> > lot of deep knowledge from the lector for beeing able of appreciate
> > their importance. Instead, I would remark that it is a
> > collaborative effort which anyone will always be able to use and
> > participate.
> You really want to abandon the four freedom list?
> I'm keen on what you think may substitute them: "Be good" or
> even more reduced?

I didn't think anything special, but the four freedoms are very general,
and 2 of them need a deeper and long~difficult reasoning about because
they are important for everyone. 

> Imho the 4 freedoms are necessary to not become too superficial.

It's true. However, IMHO when presenting concepts it's better not just
telling the essence but consecuences and examples. For example, some one
can read you a math theorem, but it could be more interesting if it is
showed first what could you do with it and what problems it solves. 

Also, when a person doesn't know about an issue, everything that you say
will sound as the same thing, no matter if it is the essence or not. The
exact approach is not always the more useful for starting to learn and
getting interested about a concept.

> > The next is just an idea for the examples: we could say
> > that free software is like Wikipedia but with software, and the fact
> > that, inded, Wikipedia knews the importance of free software and
> > to use only it even when there was better non-free alternatives for
> > some particular tasks.
> Analogies are often problematic.
> The problem is that free software isn't like wikipedia.
> Even though it may be based on similar values and enjoys popularity.

I don't see analogies as a problem although they are not perfect. They
are just analogies, people understands that, and also appreciates them.
If you want the exact definition, you can go to the correct page, if you
want to get interested about something, look for something which
explains it funny.

I want to say finally that I don't believe that what I said is the only
correct way, my intention is just to suggest some ideas which could be
useful. Maybe this link can give some ideas also [0].


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