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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] free email

From: Gustavo C. M.
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] free email
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2012 08:43:43 -0300

I'm sorry for my short answer; English is not my language...

Please read this:

[If you are trying to get free, I would recommend you this for web
searching: ]

About e-mail services, focusing on privacy and security (it would be
better to run your own mail server), I would recommend you to use

"Lavabit was founded as a direct reaction to the larger free e-mail
services available. We felt it was possible to create an e-mail service
that was fast, reliable, feature rich and didn't achieve profitability
by prostituting its user base to marketers."

"For premium users who have elected to use our “secure” service,
incoming e-mail is stored using an asymmetric encryption process that
guarantees that it can’t be accessed by anyone except the holder of the
account password. For these accounts, only the encrypted version of the
message is ever saved to disk."

"In an era where Microsoft and Yahoo’s e-mail services sell access past
their spam filters, Google profiles user’s inboxes for targeted
advertising, and AT&T allows the government to tap phone calls without a
court warrant; we decided to take a stand.
Lavabit has developed a system so secure that it prevents everyone,
including us, from reading the e-mail of the people that use it."

Their servers never failed me; they always answer my questions in less
than a week; they only do not offer password recovering, so you will
have to remember it. Regarding privacy and security, you will do better
using Tor and end-to-end encryption also.

I pay for a special account; so I have the asymmetric encryption, and do
not receive ads. By the way, such ads in gratis accounts are made and
delivered with complete privacy respect. More info in their own website.

Em Sáb, 2012-06-02 às 08:47 +0100, Ramana Kumar escreveu:
> Dear LibrePlanet
> I use Gmail and Google Calendar heavily, via the web interface.
> I have been thinking about trying out Thunderbird and Lightning
> instead, to slowly migrate my life to less dependence on non-free
> software and services.
> I believe I can try these pieces of software with my existing Gmail
> address and calendar data.
> Does anyone have experience with that, or know a good guide to setting
> them up?
> However, I'm also interested in what a completely free life would look
> like.
> I have my own domain,, which doesn't point anywhere.
> I also have an email address,, which currently
> forwards to Gmail.
> If I wanted to use or as my
> primary email address, without using Google's mail services, how could
> I go about doing that?
> Is there a good free and libre mail server I could use?
> Or what other options are there?
> Similarly, where could I host my calendar so I could update it from
> any computer on the internet (including, say, my office computer and
> my phone), and also (less important) share it with certain other
> people?
> I hope someone on list knows the answers to these questions :)
> I don't think they're difficult, but probably the information isn't
> concentrated in a single place because there's no company who wants
> everyone to switch to using "their libre services" (which may be a
> contradiction in terms, but maybe not given AGPL...)
> Anyway, I'm curious but pretty technically confused at the moment.
> Cheers,
> Ramana

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