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[libreplanet-discuss] Proposal for a new software in the list of softwar

From: Aurelien Riviere
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Proposal for a new software in the list of software that doesn't respect the Free System Distribution Guidelines
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2012 01:01:18 +0200

Sorry for the long title.

My post is about MultiSystem, a software that propose to make USB Multiboot.
I have two things to report about it.

First, when you use it (if I remember well), there are multiples tabs, including one for non-free software related to Windows or a proprietary boot loader (or something related).
=> Problem: Recommends non-free apps.

Then, I wanted to contribue to this software, to fix a bug I had. I downloaded the source code and I read two source files, written in sh.
There is no header to say who is the developer, the contact email, and worst, no licensing information (it's not optionnal right ?)
Plus, the license file is called gpl-3.0.txt but I think that's not important at all if the license file is not called COPYING.
=> Problem: No copyright header in the source files.

I tried to say him what he should do for the headers, but because of I reported him bugs roughly, with a lack of diplomacy, I refuse to listen to me and said something so discourteous in his last mail. Maybe I was offensive when I reported the set of issues, but at least I tried to help him...

Thank you for having read that, and I hope it was not off topic or too long.
Sorry for the eventual spelling mistakes, I'm french and there is no english spell checker in this computer (not mine).


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