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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Free as in Freedom Network Services [was: Tack

From: Patrick Anderson
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Free as in Freedom Network Services [was: Tackling Network Effect]
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:32:56 -0600

Richard Stallman wrote:
> We handle email only for thousands of people.
> Gmail is a commercial service that handles
> millions of people.  That is very expensive.

Yes, it is expensive.

But Google manages to cover all of those Costs
*and* collect Profit beyond the Costs.

How is Google and Facebook and Amazon able
to collect even *more* than the Costs of operation?

Why are groups of Users unable to cover just the
Costs of operation while Capitalists are able to
collect even *more* than Costs?

> If we could do it, it would require lots of management attention
> (which would distract us from more important things) and where
> would we get the money?

>From wherever Google and Facebook get their money -
from advertising, I assume.

> We can barely keep Savannah running with the volunteers we have.

I don't understand why the FSF is so feeble while corporations such
as succeed in covering all of their Costs and more.

Would the FSF be willing to allow people to keep private repositories
on Savannah in return for payments (this is how github does it)?

It is not that the FSF necessarily must host these things.

My point is that we must devise a way to help Users cover
the Costs of production for their own, mutual benefit without
resorting to relying upon corporations that want to subjugate them.

Everyone here relies upon an ISP that they have no control
over because they have no ownership in that organization.

I will send another email soon about how we can organize in
a GNU way to insure each and every User gains access to
the Physical Sources needed to give them the control they
deserve in the production they already pay for.

Patrick Anderson

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