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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] patents/drm/fs hardware compliance lawing/lobb

From: Thomas Harding
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] patents/drm/fs hardware compliance lawing/lobbying stuff will be done on wiki [was: Re: review respect of code of conduct on Manchester FAQ]
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 22:29:11 +0200
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On 03/08/2012 08:36, Ramana Kumar wrote:

        I think your other comments (which I didn't cite here) are
        very valuable and I consider that each topic you cover should
        be placed in a separate wiki page to allow for the
        collaboration of ideas from others. Your ideas prove to be
        good seeds to make great initiatives follow and grow. This
        thread is not a fertile place to make that happen and will
        deviate discussion from the topic of this thread. Please
        consider that.

    [Thread forked as in NNTP eras]

    I think it is nothing new but only common sense!

    I can initiate these pages as "draft" this W-E (I'm very busy
    these days), but they *will need* English/American reviewers at
    first, then a lot of authoring by more competent persons. What a
    wiki is intended for...


    Q: can I write on wiki both in French and English for the "draft"?

I, and I'm sure others, will strive to translate it quickly if you do (and you mark it as "this should be translated into English:")

Unfortunately, I was so tired this w-e I just started a "sandbox" which gives the "topic", "redaction principles" and recall the "main ideas" posted previously in this forked thread (Re: review...).


As this is not only a manifest/essay project on free software philisophy, while it falls in that topic because of giving conditions/actions needed to keep/reach "completely free" software running, I'm not sure it falls under Manchester group. I will enjoy to join this work to that team /on their will/.

If someone aware enough on publication guidances can take a look at that page (topic, publication plan), I will thanks her to give me a convenient "dir:subDir:titlePage" on LP wiki to open in order to don't do a complete mess :)

This page is (maybe) written in (something like) English, I recall I *will write* /the pages/ in French and let others translate as I have not enough capabilities in English (while I have capabilities to do the reverse and translate back other contributions in French).

So, "the pages" maybe needs to be entitled as "sectionY:somethingTopicFrench", and English ones as "sectionY:somethingTopic". I will give tags on French pages such as "placeholder draft", "initial draft", "work in progress" and "almost done"

sectionY:librePlanetLinksSuggestions, sectionY:foreignLinkSuggestions and sectionY:topicSuggestions, sectionY:correctionsNeeded pages (the last for lazy persons) will be open simultaneously

Best Regards,

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