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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Tent Licensing

From: Thomas Harding
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Tent Licensing
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 23:18:56 +0200
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Le 30/09/2012 10:02, Ramana Kumar a écrit :
Thank you very much TH for responding to my request to comment on the issue :)


although a developer answers me /they expect/ proprietary implementations, also the MIT one is a sample *and* their Tent protocol is closed.

I'm totally puzzled, as an Internet protocol has to be BSD'ed to enlist as RFC (with a somewhat complex process starting from the Draft queue), but an implementation could be whatever you want (proprietary or Free Software).

Anyway, this tread points out some more importants things to get a FS decentralized Social Network protocol: rely on well-known ones for transport.

I cancelled a first long post today 1am, where I given an important feature together: having duck quacks for alert :), So


a end-to-end (2persons) should be:

* a message: my IP6 is w, my IPv4 is Y, I listen on TCP port Z, "where are you" * a response: I'm on IP x, port Z, "greetings". (and/or "content news" as mime part(s) if asked)

Both messages encapsulated in ximf/RFC822/SMTP message/transport, with the SMTP capable appliance starting itself a convenient server on a 1024+ port (or several identified ports, eg for video) to avoid f..n ISP blockers. Several ports could be given together with wanted capabilities.

for groups, such ximf could be encapsulated in NNTP, each participant opening it's own server while responding to thread, thn polling for that thread. Obviously patching INN is needed in order to SSL connect with keys, and exchange them between pairs. :)

Both methods would involve digital signature of id/IP/port triplet in ximf (secure headers Draft),

Also other headers such as timestamp ("have you news since /timestamp/") or ID "pair stored" ("I'm a pal of "Barbie Foobar <>", she stores my key which SHA1 is /hash/": "would you be my friend").

video/audio/chat/file transfer capabilities would be handled by xmpp, the IP/port pairs for connection determined by the process above.

Obviously, ISP could filter on X-Whatever: , so it may be good to fallback on mime.


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