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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] help with FSF incompatible but community orien

From: Patrick
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] help with FSF incompatible but community oriented licence(s)
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 18:07:00 -0400
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On 12-10-03 06:00 PM, Mark Holmquist wrote:
Also, that CC-NC-* are also not free licenses, so we're back where we
started, at an off-topic conversation! :)

and your back to throwing anyone who does not meet your exceptions into
the street.

You're looking down on us a lot--all I'm saying is, we should stick to the topic of the list. This clearly falls outside of that.

You could always ask on the creative commons lists, they might be able to help and really don't care if something is free software or not. But you're not asking us about free software, so we can't really help you.

Dogma, by the way, has a negative connotation that I don't think applies here--we've all very carefully considered that free software is generally a good thing, and have chosen to be here to discuss free software. It's unfair to insult *us* simply for trying to suggest that you take an off-topic conversation to a different list.

Sorry for posting what was meant as a private message to the list. I honestly thought you forgot to CC the list

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