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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] help with FSF incompatible but community orien

From: Thomas Harding
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] help with FSF incompatible but community oriented licence(s)
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2012 19:05:30 +0200
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Le 03/10/2012 23:54, Patrick a écrit :
My posts are confusing because I have two projects. Let me just stick to the charity one for now.

I don't want parents of autistic children to have to pay for the software I am going to write to try to help them. Right now the only way it looks like I can achieve this is by shipping closed source software and I don't want to do that.

Ok, I try a (long) short on the thread responses:

0) whatever closed/sewing on infringement/fs license solution, there could be unlikely some robberies, also ideas themselves cannot be copyrighted and you will experience clones if there is a market.

1) As I said, VIM /is a charity-ware/ which /can also be distributed as GPL/ an I'm not aware of any GPL distribution nor any robbery, while only a few persons afford (volunteer basis). And if I red right that last point is not an issue for you.

2) As another post said, /you can enforce some terms with GPLv3/.

3) As another post said /it's up to you/ to make publicity of how your software can helps parents/children, /especially at no cost/ (I add some tips):

* I expect there are numerous non-profit associations in favor of that persons: post on their mailing-lists, and please contacts their leaders

* I expect there are medical associations or groups of medicine/doctors on that => same action

* Numerous free software websites/blogs/... will rely a convenient article, also numerous governments raises Free Software as a good or a better solution (starting from South America) and actively promote it.

* In addition, in order to solve the "narrow bandwith problem" (e.g. in Africa) and the "robbery problem" I pointed on Dia, offer yourself for a few (copying, shipping) hard copies (cdrom, or DVD) of your software on as numerous as you can commercial sites such as amazon, e-bay, priceminister, etc, despite their evil philosophy for most.

** Do not forget to add a "free download URL" such as (which will host you for free in an ethical way, with a project site, a static web site, a download area and a concurrent version system (CVS, SVN, ...) if you choose a convenient license and proof you have correct license notices/README/COPYING in sources) and text about your goal in announces.

** Ask permission to medical associations (after they evaluated) to publish snippets of their critics.

** Also correctly describe your software in announces with convenient generic keywords on disabilities you want fight on.

* If a distributed database would help, then use affero-GPLv3 for server/database-side -- there are also Free data licenses for databases, or if you need for enforcements from GPLv3 /on both end user+server code as same licence/ which are not in A-GPL, post here and write to (fsf legal?) as should be an issue which can be solved in the future (while data(base) license *must* stay of scope of any free software license).

** unfortunately I have no idea of how to fund hosting, except the VIM method (ask for help outside license, hope for doctors or parents themselves will afford /just a little/: suggest an amount such as "you can help for that project to stay alive: just donate from 1$/£/€ to at most 12$ a year by (several means, some evils but well-known), also offer for publicity on large donations (at least drug laboratories /will/ afford), even for little ones (see credits in the "Blender" movies)".

I think we can't help you more than pointing you that kind of tips.

Best regards,

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