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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Android without Google

From: Thomas Harding
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Android without Google
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2012 19:54:37 +0200
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Le 09/10/2012 14:01, Nicola Bignami a écrit :
Il 09/10/2012 13:53, ha scritto:
In fact, he wants to do exactly what you propose : keeping the hardware, changing the OS to a free one
(or nearly free, cyanogenmod has some blob I think, should check)

AFAIK, cyanogenmod is stripped of the Google apps but retain almost all the blobs.

Yes, everyone knows of that blobs are a problem,

as everyone knows of FSF and RMS has been coped with
"non free environment" in the past.

As FSF state, kernel blobs are /evil/.

So a beginning of solution would be a device list,
preferably hosted by FSF,
enlisting what hardware does not requires kernel blobs,
and what hardware requires /some blobs/, in such case for which chip/functionality.

Obviously, such a list would need fine-grained hardware versions *and* revisions list, because of silent changes (eg, a mainboard is launched fully Free Software compliant, then revision N comes with a chip (NIC, ...) needing kernel blob or, at worse, a closed

Obviously, getting fully Free Software basis 3d acceleration on any non professional mainboard or graphical card (OpenGL ?) would be a must-have (seems to be launched
soon by xxtel, no warranty).

Obviousely, getting fully FS compliant smartphones or tablets from major companies
(Geekphone zero is out of stock for weeks) would be nice.

Obviousely, listing hardware by usage intended for (and amount estimation) would
be great.

I'm aware of several sites such as tuxmobil (formely mobilix, which has been sued
for a stupid reason on name not far enough from Obélix).

They have not enough visibility, nor are a central point of information and what we could call strong enough for *disavertising*. Also, there is no way to ensure an
information is relevant, up-to-date nor accurate.

Each time I buy a device or a part, I'm totally puzzled.

What I don't understand is: why FSF strongly disagree and recommends not to use kernel blobs, and on the other hand does not provides any mean to get rid of.

It would be a good project having such a FSF portal (with information (in)validation) on that.

They are only twelve :)

Best regards,

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