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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Steam for Linux

From: Robert Martinez
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Steam for Linux
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 21:12:37 +0100
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On 08/11/12 20:36, Jason Self wrote:
> Steven Hamilton said
>> Steam for Linux
> er; GNU+Linux.
>> A long standing, highly respected PC gaming company.
>> Proprietary
>> DRM protections
>> Limits play to only those machines authorised by Steam.
>> DRM scheme is widely regarded as "good" by PC gamers
> While companies would prefer you to think of DRM as being about
> "protection" and "rights" DRM is better described as Digital
> "Restrictions" Management.
> This seems rather strange to me. Here's a company that makes
> proprietary, user-subjugating software that you can only play on a
> device that the master approves of. (Imagine what sort of things
> become possible if someone else gets to decide what software you can
> run on your computer.)
> The free software movement says that you should be the one deciding
> what the computers in your life are doing, and are not a servant to a
> master that decides for you.
> Yet the company is considered to be "highly respected" and people
> actually like being a servant to a master that decides what they can do?
> Why is any of this tolerated? Perhaps part of it comes from people
> that are used to being mistreated? Maybe they're used to this and
> don't think much of it or don't think they deserve any better?
> There must be some kind of Stockholm syndrome going on here.

I think you're right. Also I think you overreact and *just* look at the
ideology here.
The point isn't whether what they do is right or desirable, it is about
the question whether it is a lesser evil if the bullies fight at least
on the schoolyard where people can see them and intervene - in contrast
to the dark back-streets of a slum.
Also just because you value freedom more than your desire to play
high-quality games does not make it easier for others to abandon that joy.

Try this as a thought experiment:
by some magic 100% GPL-licensed package all software for Apple and
Windows runs on GNU/Linux natively, performing exactly the same (Like
wine but perfect in every way).

Imho this would be awesome!
Everybody could start their journey towards freedom at their own pace,
not having to sacrifice software they still need/want.
I think that way because I am still on this journey and know it would
have helped me a lot back in the days when I used Windows.
Today I'm "closer" and have the luxury to afford considering to switch
distros that are even more free.

My point is: It is awesome unless it is permanent.

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