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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [Trisquel-users] Final Thesis: H-node

From: Will Rico
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [Trisquel-users] Final Thesis: H-node
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 11:16:17 -0400

GNU and FSF promote the use of CC By-ND, so at least by their
definition, this license can be considered "free" under the
appropriate circumstances:


On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 10:13 AM, Quiliro Ordóñez
<> wrote:
> El 15/05/13 03:13, Michał 'rysiek' Woźniak escribió:
>> Dnia wtorek, 14 maja 2013 o 23:57:39 Quiliro Ordóñez napisał(a):
>>> El 13/05/13 12:16, Michał 'rysiek' Woźniak escribió:
>>>> Dnia sobota, 11 maja 2013 o 12:31:17 Quiliro Ordóñez napisał(a):
>>>>> The only free licenses Creative commons has are: CC-By-SA, CC-By and
>>>>> CC-0. The others are not free (as in freedom).
>>>> Agreed. I'd just like to add that there is a discussion within the
>>>> Creative Commons community and organisation as to whether or not should
>>>> the non-free versions (containing -NC, -ND clauses) be stricken from CC
>>>> license catalogue when CC4.0 arrives.
>>> That would be great. Thank you for the news. Please keep us up to date
>>> on this issue.
>> I'll quote Carlos, who responded to me on that off-list (hope this is okay,
>> Carlos?):
>> "I've been participating on the discussions and, in the end, the non-free
>> licenses will stay anyway. Creative Commons doesn't want to take a political
>> stance, and will let other groups to do so (like the recently restructured
>> Free Culture Foundation)."
>> So this ship has already sailed, unfortunately.
> That is too bad. Thank you for the info.
> I think that if their name is Creative Commons, those are the licenses
> they should support. If they want to support other licenses that do not
> belong to the commons, they should make another name for that group:
> perhaps Non-creative Restrictions.
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