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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] RFC: GNU Developer Network on

From: Steven Hamilton
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] RFC: GNU Developer Network on
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 20:18:53 +1000
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Brandon Invergo writes:

> Hi,
> Usrnix <> writes:
>> I could see this working well for GNU, using GCC as a example following
>> the Mozilla networks template we'd have a brief description of what GCC
>> is and what it does, followed by an example command for compiling
>> something and explanation of what happened, then going on to introduce
>> the different options/flags available and such. Each article like this
>> providing links throughout to articles within the GNU Dev Network
>> similar to Wikipedia citing.
> Yes, I think that would be nice.  It will be a lot of work to fill in
> all this info so I think it would be best to pick a couple of starting
> points (say, gcc and glibc)
>> I will say though that I think the project would benefit from being
>> run on its own website although I'm not sure what it could run right
>> now, perhaps a custom system will be needed.
> Well, it's simply a problem of dedicated manpower.  The GNU sysadmins
> are already quite busy so we determined that maintaining another
> dedicated system on top of everything else would simply not be feasible.
> There was talk of setting up an independent mediawiki site for it but it
> seems that it would be better to work with LibrePlanet.  There's still
> some conversation on the topic, which is why we're not diving in just
> yet, but I think LP will be the better solution in the end.
> OK, one other thing: we decided that the name "GNU Developer Network"
> can be a bit confusing, since some people read it and think that it
> would be specifically a dev network for official GNU package
> maintainers, which isn't the case.  I suggested "Free Software Developer
> Network" but that was determined to be too broad.  rms suggested "GNU
> Platform Developer Network" or "GNU Application Developer Network".  I
> also raised "GNU Free Developer Network" as a possibility.  Does anyone
> have any suggestions?  Something tells me that rms will have the final
> say on this but I'd love to hear if anyone has any ideas that I can
> share with him.

Hi All,
I've rarely posted to this list but I am an avid reader. As a hobby
developer and professional IT Architect I feel it would be foolish to
diverge from what is the norm. i.e the "Developer Network" monicker. We
have the Apple Developer Network, Mozilla Developer Network amongst
others. Falling on our swords over pedantic naming happens too often in
FSF land. Calling it anything other than GNU Developer Network will
instantly reduce it's effectiveness.

Likewise, hosting it anywhere other than * will also reduce it's
effectiveness. Use libreplanet infrastructure if you like, but leverage some
hosting nouse to mask it under "libreplanet" does not
have the same mindshare and recognition as GNU. This splitting
of brands has already harmed FSF enough (my opinion only).

"GNU" is the brand that meets the technological requirement of the
FSF. Libreplanet is the brand that meets the political requirement of
the FSF. These are quite different things. A devnet doesn't belong under
Libreplanet branding.

Steven Hamilton
I don't look like two zombies

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