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[libreplanet-discuss] Community Day -- OCD14 : Monday, March 2

From: Marc Laporte
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Community Day -- OCD14 : Monday, March 24, 2014 (the day after LibrePlanet) + Tools & tips to help pick great free software and libraries
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 02:54:51 -0400

Hi! is a Wikipedia-ish database of FLOSS projects & developers.

Like Wikipedia, it is crowd-sourced. It is one of the most important
FLOSS-related sites/projects out there, because it makes it very easy
to discover and evaluate software projects. By analyzing the publicly
available source code, we can get an indication of the vitality of a
project. By providing this visibility, is helping Free
Software users and developers find each other, and increases the
success rate, which leads to more collaboration opportunities. You can
evaluate developer contributions, and know who are the best people to
contact (ex.: you want to sponsor a feature request). You can also see
the license, programming languages, and many other things. More info
about  I encourage you to add
projects you like to your "stacks" and give "kudos" to contributors
you appreciate.

I am a happy, active volunteer on and I proposed that we
should have a community day, just after LibrePlanet, and here it is: (it's free
but please register to help us plan the day)

There is also this FSF event on Monday:

Somewhat related to the topic of evaluating & picking software, I
developed this list of criteria, which I am sure will be useful to

This list (which includes stats) was instrumental in picking
software for Tiki Suite, a selection of free server, web, mobile and
desktop apps with a concerted effort for greater interoperability and
security, which is aimed at small & medium-sized organizations. The
Tiki Suite is especially suited to decentralized and knowledge-centric
organizations and offers the features that what 80% of the people use
80% of the time (collaboration, office productivity, publishing,
etc.). Features include: Email + Wiki + CMS + Groupware + Commerce +
Accounting + Document Management + CRM + Web conferencing + Desktop
sharing + PBX VOIP Telephony + Instant messaging & presence + Video
management + E-learning, etc.

Here are Ohloh stats for Tiki Suite components:  (You can include such badges
on your own project pages!)

Another very interesting project is  This
one is to track software libraries. While can & does track
libraries, it's more designed for complete projects.

I'll give 2 lighting talks, covering Tiki Suite, &

Best regards,

Marc Laporte

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