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[libreplanet-discuss] How respond to a tech support technician that insi

From: zerothis baud
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] How respond to a tech support technician that insists on needlessly installing proprietary software?
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 12:35:25 -0700

Very often technicians start down the path of having me install
software without saying what they're doing. I've gotten to where I can
recognise this and respond with directly to the issues they will
suppose makes it necessary for them to have their software and only
their software installed. If its a chat application for example, I
politely say I only use Free Software or Open Source Software (because
they often recognise OOS and not FS) and that I already have a Free
Software application that will do the job (I name their software and
chat protocol) and I explain that redundant software in not necessary
and undesired. Today however, a tech stopped me cold with "I am not
authorised to discuss the use of other technical support software!"
and gave this response repeatedly as I explained I didn't need to
install two redundant applications for software for chat and desktop
sharing for the software on her end to function. I finally replied
"but of course" to each step of her installation process without
complying with the instructions. Chat when fine as expected. I didn't
really think it through that she would not see her software on my
computer screen once she connected. She started with _amazing_ speed
opening a command line, viewing my ip information, pinging different
ip address (or she ran a script to do this, but I caught a few
backspaced typos, so I think she was actually that fast). But after a
few seconds disconnected from desktop and chat. On the phone she
stumbled  "I am not authorised to discu-ah-use of the others support
softwares technical support of ah our software."  Not sure how to
proceed, I remained silent. Until she moved on to other parts of here
script (the instructions in front of her that she follows). Well, the
call ended on an unrelated note when she finally got to the part that
I was beyond my 9 days of free support and continuing would cost me
more than buying a replacement. It got me to thinking bout a lot of
issues of 3rd party support. I wondered if the hardware manufacturer
(most manufacturers I've found are willing to consider that the
customer is always right) realised this militant enforcement of
external software policy was being imposed on their customers (I
intend to find out). But for the issue at hand. Is it possibly a the
support company's canned response was specifically formed against FOSS
or (seems more likely) against all other software. And does anybody
have any suggestions on a better way to respond to an "install our
software" ultimatum?

Viruses, Malware, CD-Keys, product activation codes, systems crashes,
hours of installing software, uninstalling demo programs you'll never
use, unconstitutional license agreements that destroy our Human
freedoms, all are obsolete <>. Install it and fix
Windows forever. If you like, you can even keep your old Windows with
all those problems; it'll run side-by-side with Ubuntu. Oh and there's
over 5000 games available

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