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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Self-Introduction

From: Thiago Zoroastro
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Self-Introduction
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2015 19:43:18 -0200
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Hi Ali,

We the People of World need a place to build a peaceful society. Bridges
are needed to worldwide communication. Networks to United Nations are

Spread the word on the required worldwide forum and democratization of
media. World need to unite and don't receive bombs from any enemy.
Enemies are not required in nature, only when we consider each other as
a enemy. Would be it required? Or we can to learn to be peaceful and
really open about what we need to the others?

I am not a man of media. I am a philosophy student and I enjoy studying
geopolitcal issues.
There's a Free Media event in Tunis soon in march:

I understand that UK and France divided the territory of the former
Ottoman Empire, the lack of historical context is bad for people to know
what's happening behind. When we to gather people over a worldwide
communication, we will can to be more understood as ever was it.

I hope you can to help in this process. But you don't need spread names.
Ideas are more important than names. If we want a peaceful process, you
need to help in the building.

Have nice days!

On 05-02-2015 00:38, Ali Abdul Ghani wrote:
> Hello
> my name is ali
> i'm from Iraq.
> I am blind
> But I Programmer
> this is Some from my projects
> I Succeeded to convince a few Is the use of free software
> but Many refuse
> I still trying
> I was able to convert 40 people
>    now are using trisquel gnu/linux
> But  was with regret that the computers they use so bad
> I can't convince them to use computers contain Libreboot
> They do not have money to buy a new device
> I'm Succeeded to transfer some of their computers to use Libreboot
> I hope you accept me friend in the community of freedom
> Greeting and respect
> ali abdul ghani

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