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[libreplanet-discuss] Lightning talks?

From: NIIBE Yutaka
Subject: [libreplanet-discuss] Lightning talks?
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 21:17:32 +0900
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I will join LibrePlanet, it will be my first time.  (I had joined FSF
associate members meetings and international GPL conferences.)  Well,
my last visit to Boston was in 2006.  Time flies.

As I don't have any experience, I'd like to ask how lightning talks
will be organized.  And I also would like to ask a possibility of
short ad-hoc session.

I am a principal developer of Gnuk and NeuG, and a developer of GnuPG.
I also work for Free Software Initiative of Japan.

I have some things to show:

(1) gniibe Distributed Hanoi Protocol:

    This is a protocol between three persons.  I propose this protocol
    as an alternative of OpenPGP fingerprint exchanges.  I mean, only
    exchanging fingerprint would be boring and/or key signing is very
    exotic for non-GPG users.  With this protocol, we can enjoy, too.
    (I know it takes more time.)

(2) FSM-55 with "Happy Hacking!" and "GNU's Not UNIX!"

    Flying Stone Mini 55 and free hardware design:


    I designed this board when I saw the shutdown of FreeRouting.Net
    service last year.
    It displays "Happy Hacking!" and "GNU's Not UNIX!".

(3) FST-01 with NeuG

    NeuG, a True Random Number Generator Implementation:

    Security of NeuG?:

    After 2013, encryption becomes popular, that's great.  Now, my
    concern is entropy used for those encryption (or digital
    signature).  To improve the situation, I sell FST-01 (my hardware)
    with NeuG by myself in Japan, which is reasonably cheap, but it's
    only something like two pieces per month.  I think that it's not
    enough to fill the needs.

    Buying FST-01 with NeuG 1.0.1 (in Japanese):

    The hardware design is free (as in freedom) and respects users'
    freedom, and more, I make it reproducible as possible.

    NeuG is designed to generate random number sequences which
    _nobody_ can control.  While it's very important for users
    to control their own computing, this is interesting.

Well, I will also bring my name card of GnuPG, so that you can do
integrity check of its (source code) releases.

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