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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Fwd: The FSF Allows No Derivatives,

From: rysiek
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Fwd: The FSF Allows No Derivatives,
Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 11:26:33 +0200
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Dnia czwartek, 14 maja 2015 12:16:35 Will Hill pisze:
> Misleading translations prove that misleading translations are a problem we
> need to think about.  Right now, GNU could go after Google, Bing and other
> bad actors if they were to provide bad translations.  Will this be enough?
> How will things be improved by getting rid of ND?  I'd rather see resources
> put elsewhere than contributing to a Scroogle campaign.  I'm not comfortable
> with the situation but encourage honest efforts.

You know what? We should all wear red undergarments to fight misleading 
translations! It will have pretty much the same net positive effect as -ND on 
it. It will definitely not worsen the situation, so -- by your logic -- we 
*should* do it.

I'd love to sponsor some for you. Where should I send your red boxers to?

> Copyright in the US is still mostly civil law, enforced at the discression
> of the offended party which may be selective.  If it were not that way, we
> could not make licenses and exceptions like the GPL.  I do not consider it
> unjust to give people the power to avoid misrepresentation and plagiarism.

You are mixing fraud and copyright infringement. Please stop doing so. It does 
not help us get anywhere in this discussion.

> Go ahead and publish your translation.  I can't speak for GNU but I imagine
> the worst thing that would happen to you is that you will be told to take it
> down.  In the best case, you will get some corrections.  That seems to be
> how GNU deals with infringement.

I can't. That would be breaking the law. If I infringed upon copyrights of the 
FSF, I would be a hypocrite, as I am active against other forms of copyright 
infringement of, say, GNU GPL.

This also makes you a hypocrite. If it's not okay for the BigCo Ltd. to 
infrigne upon GNU GPL, how does that make it okay to infringe (or suggesting 
to do so!) upon FSF's -ND license?

> You have told me that getting rid of ND will liberate honest efforts.   I've
> objected that it will give people with wealth and power more advantages and
> won't work.  Are there any studies showing us what really works?

That is finally a good question. I would love to see such studies. Thing is, I 
have shown you a concrete and real example where FSF's -ND license actually 
hampered a honest effort. In lieu of studies, can you reciprocate with showing 
at least one instance where -ND stopped a dishonest translation?

Misattribution is a different problem, mind you -- as this is *always* 
illegal. So, -ND or no -ND, misattribution and misquoting is, as underlined 
before, *fraud*.

So again, what exactly do you need -ND for?

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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